TumBlast comes with motorized tumbler fitted to endless belt in blast chamber, to form a cupped shaped tumble. It runs at a constant speed through gear assembly. Job is loaded on the belt manually or automatically through automatic loader (optional). Now, blasting is done through centrifugal blast wheel mounted on top of blast cabinet. Blast media id transferred through the perforated belt to the hopper and further to the bucket elevator via screw conveyor. Media separation unit is deployed to separate dust and usable media, which is fed again to the blast wheel.

Optional Accessories :

  • Automatic Loader (Auto-Mechanic/Hydraulic)
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Time Control/Time Clock/Auto Sequence Control System
  • Complete Manganese lined cabinet.
  • Sound Reducer etc.
  • Rotary Screen Separation Unit

Technical Specifications :

Note: Above Specifications are approx, and subject to change without notice.