AES offers Airless range of Swing Table Type Shot Blasting Machine, which is widely used in Casting and Forging industries for descaling or cleaning of sand and burr from the castings. It has gained wide application in shot Peening of heavily stressed components and removal of heat treated scale in various heat treatment shops.

Swing Table Shot Blasting Machine consists of a Cabinet with a Turn Table mounted on the Hinged Door moving with a constant speed through a gearbox. Job’s are kept on the table and a Centrifugal Blast Wheel mounted on the top of the cabinet throws the abrasive on the part to clean it. Spent abrasive is transferred from the hopper of the cabinet to the bucket elevator and then through a media separation unit to the blast wheel again, and the cycle is repeated for the continuous working of the machine. A Common Dust Collector for the machine, bucket elevator & media separator keeps the system & surrounding clean and free from dust. Various Options are available for upgrading the machine with double door, rotary screen separation unit, fully Mn-Lined Cabinet, various dust collector and PLC controlled operation or single button operation depending upon need.

Optional Accessories :

  • Table Size viz. 30″, 36″, 48″ & 60″.
  • PLC Operated Sequential Control or Auto Sequence Operation.
  • Accessories like Abrasive Replenisher & Electronic Brake System.
  • Application in Casting, Forging & Heat Treatment Shops.

Technical Specifications :


Note: Above Specifications are approx, and subject to change without notice.