This machine is probably the smallest in the family of Airless Machines, and miniature version of Tumblast Machine (power consumption is very low 5 HP only). Specially designed for cleaning of Small/Medium size Iron, Steel, Alloy, and Non-Ferrous Casting, Forging, Heat treated Parts etc. Hence it is ideal for foundries, forging unit and small job shops where less space is required and economic production is concerned.

The Machine has rotatory barrel type (Size: 649 mm Dia x 625 mm Length) with thick perforated rubber sheet. The door is opened and components are fed into the machine. The barrels rotate at low rpm and tumbling action, which also ensures the safety of the components. The powerful Blast wheel fires shots on the components and uniform blasting is done. The machine is controlled by control panel and electronic timer. Also, abrasive Recollection System along with Dust Collector (dry type) is also provided as standard fitment.

 Technical Specifications:

Note:  Above Specifications are approx, and subject to change without notice.