Pinch valve is a control valve which uses pinching effect to obstruct abrasive media flow. The valve is fitted with a rubber sleeve and on top of the pinch valve body a manual hand wheel is provided for customised regulation. It is fabricated from Cast iron. Rubber Sleeves can be easily and economically replaced when they wear out. On special request, we supply pinch valves with cast aluminium body


It is located at the bottom of the machine where it is used for adequate mixing of air-abrasive media to facilitate free flow of media. The air abrasive mixture is carried to the nozzle through blasting hose. It is fabricated from Cast iron. They are used both in portable blaster and pressure blaster machines (Steel Cross Mixing Tube). The assembly consists of mixing tube, abrasive nipple, air nipple and union.

Available in following sizes 19mm, 25mm, 32mm.


It is used for automatic tank sealing. When the switch is in ON position, it automatically seals the pot and thus maintaining pressure. Also, when machine is on off state it depressurize the tank and facilitate refilling of abrasive media. They are used in both portable abrasive blasting machine and pressure blasting cabinets. For portable blasters, we use high quality MS and for PB machines we use aluminium body.

Available in following sizes 19mm, 25mm.


Heavy duty grit valve; cast iron body withstands harsh site conditions.Suitable for medium, and coarse expendable abrasives, and aggressive metallic blast media. i.e. chilled iron, steel shot, & aluminium oxide.

Metering hand wheel allows for a wide range of flow rates.It embraces, replaceable long lasting rubber liner.


When blasting is stopped, the valve opens automatically and the air is vented out. Thus, the machine is instantly depressurized through the exhaust valve. They are fabricated from either Cast Iron or Aluminium, depending upon the usage.Due to their flawless performance, robust quality and compact design, our valves are preferred over others.

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