It is specially designed with rubberized FRP for light weight and high strength, ensuring operator’s safety from rebounding abrasive media. It also reduces noise pollution. The vision window is covered by wire mesh which prevents it from damage and has replaceable inner and outer visor. This enables the operator to allow a clear view through visors.

It also supplies fresh breathing air to operate and prevent dust inhalation. Also, a high quality Rexene rubber outer cap is provided to protect the operator up to his waist from flying abrasive media.

We also provide following helmet accessories:

Helmet Hose:

It provides channel between air blaster helmet and air breather unit. It carries the purified and cool air supply for operator.



Helmet Air Breather:

With the aid of our team, we have been able to come up with the best-in-class gamut of Air Breathers. It consists of cartridge filter unit (containing activated disposable charcoal) which separates oil, dust particles and harmful gases from air supply line and provides purified air to the helmet. Our special designed model can remove oil mists, water vapour and particulate upto 0.5 microns form breathing air. Air from the compressor is entered and filtered through either of the two inlet ports.
Moisture is separated from expansion in the outer chamber and drain through a pet cock at the bottom. The air is then forced through a filter cartridge. The outer pressure of breathing air for helmet is regulated with the pressure gauge and pressure regulator.

Helmet Air Conditioner:

The purified air from air breather is fed to air conditioner, where it is conditioned and is again fed to helmet. The conditioner shape is made “vortex” where air is whirled, and is divides hot air and cool air. It is provided with a belt and is generally worn on operator’s waist. It has an adjustable knob which regulates the temperature of the air. Whatever may be the working conditions, it ensures healthy environment. Helmet air conditioner is self driven and needs no auxiliary unit. It is also light weight and maintenance free. By using our product, the operator will not get discomfort and thus saves from fatigue and dehydration.


It is a single piece suit, covering operator’s body. It is specially designed to provide safety against the impact of flying abrasive media. Our firm is counted among the most eminent suppliers, importers and traders of Operator Suit Cotton.

We have fabricated this range from the finest grade basic material and latest technology to ensure their long usage life and high resistance against corrosion.


This type of gloves is manufactured from Purified Natural Rubber Latex and on Heat Resistance Formulations. They shield operator’s hand to provide prevention against damage through high flying abrasive media and static charge if any.
These gloves are useful for blasting rooms as well as cabinet type blasting machines.


A pair of gum boots provides safety to operator’s feet and ensures compliance with industrial safety regulation.

Our firm is counted among the most eminent suppliers, importers and traders of superior quality Gum Boots.

Note: *We also provide ear plugs, eye gears and nose mask for operator’s safety.*