We offer Airless range of Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine, which are precisely used where job can be hanged and rotated. Hangers are generally mounted on the doors or through the top of the cabinet of the machine and blast wheels mounted on the side of the cabinet throws the abrasive in such a pattern that the number of jobs loaded on the hanger are blasted throughout.

In Hanger Shot Blasting Machine the number of blast wheels varies according to the job type and size for thorough blast cleaning. Various options for job handling in are available depending upon the need and planning is available. These arrangements are used extensively where the job handling time is to be reduced through atomization and carrying out blast cleaning within the process line manufacturing of the job. Other then these all the basic parts like duly Mn Lined cabinet, Screw Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, Media Separation Unit, Dust Collectors and Blast Wheels and blow off arrangements prior to the transferring of the job to the next in the process line of painting / coating are available.

Optional Accessories:

  • Various Options viz. Indexing Hanger, Monorail, Y-type; Closed Loop Hanger.
  • PLC operated or Auto Sequential Control for the machine.
  • Optional Rotary Screen Media Separation & Electronic Brake for Blast Wheels.
  • Applied precisely where job can be hanged & rotated.

Technical Specifications:

hunger Type

Note: Above Specifications are approx, and subject to change without notice.