Blast Wheel is the heart of Airless Shot Blasting System. These centrifugal wheels have an internal impeller, control cage and blade design which slings the shot. The blast wheel propels the shot or grit to high velocity for blasting. The wheel is protected via wheel casing, with wear resistant liners. The whole operation is vibration free and produces low noise level.

The impeller acts like centrifugal pump, and mechanically accelerates shot and throws the shot at the speed 55 to 100m/s. It is then a question of controlling the point in time and the allocation of blasting shot to the throwing blades so that a definite blasting pattern, as uniform as possible, results at the desired position on the object to be blasted. The energy of the blasting shot is controlled by way of the rotational speed of the throwing blades.

The media thrown by the blast wheels falls through the holes of the perforated plate floor into the media collection hopper. The blasting cabinet is fabricated from MS plates and additional Manganese (MN) tiles are provided for less wear and tear.