Portable Blasting machines work on the pressure feed system, resulting in a very high cleaning rate. The blaster chamber is fabricated from high quality MS Steel Plate and hydraulic testing is done at 250 PSI to ensure maximum safety. The machine is mounted on castors, so that it can be carried on site. We offer various sizes such as 150L, 300L, 500L 1000L and other customisable size as per user requirement.


As it works on pressure blasting, the abrasives are fed from top in de-pressurizing mode. For, straining of debris and oversize media the abrasives are sieved through wire screen with the help of a vibrator. Thus, preventing the choking of blast line. Next, opening of Mushroom Valve enables the selected abrasives to fall in the blasting chamber. When the compressed air is in on state, mushroom valve closes the chamber and results in pressurizing of the tank. Now the abrasives are passed into Mixing tube, which is connected with blasting hose and finally blasting, is done with the help of nozzles. The operator can aim in the direction of the job to be cleaned.

Salient Features:

TC Lined Long Venturi Nozzles: The nozzles are shaped convergent-divergent which results in higher acceleration and evenly distribution of media resulting in higher output. For, the long lasting life of the nozzle, it is lined with Tungsten carbide which provides a lower wear and tear. TC lined nozzles are jacketed in MS body which gives resistance against breakage.

Air Filter & Pressure Gauge: Air filter separates moisture from compressed air & adequate pressure is monitored with the aid of pressure gauge.

Pinch Valve: The valve is controlled by a hand wheel, which controls the flow of abrasive.

Remote Control Valve: This comes as an optional. It acts as a switch for the ON/OFF control of the machine. Complete control is provided in the hands of the operator. This saves the abrasive consumption and ensures safety for the operator.

Blast Hose: They are specially designed in order to meet high demanding industrial conditions. It has an abrasion resistant resilient tube and tough cover. They are reinforced with high intensity synthetic yarn. They are flexible with lower bend radius, low weight, weatherproof, anti static for shock proof.

Ball Vale: It is made up of anti-corrosive material, and contain stainless steel ball for full air flow without pressure loss.

Automated Exhaust Valve: It vents air, and is used for the pressuring the blasting chamber.

Accessories: We recommend you to buy safety wears for the safety of operator. This comes an option and at extra cost. The complete package includes Air blasting Helmet, Air Conditioner, Air Breather, Operator Suit, Gum Boot, Hand Gloves.



- On Site blasting of huge components like heavy structure, tanks, pressure vessels, bridges, towers, pipes etc. Prior to re-painting.

- To blast clean the surface of floor tiles, slates, sandstone, marble chips for proper bonding with the surface.

- De-Scaling, De-Burring, De-Flashing of forged and die cast components.

- Steel fabrication can be De-Scaled after welding or De-Rusted, ready for painting on site using different media depending on the finish required.

- Widely used in handicraft industry to give a new look to metal. Also, popular in Wooden Handicraft Industries.

- Creating design, surface etching and engraving on different types of stones.

- Quite useful for overhauling and general maintenance and repair work in cement, chemical and gas plants.

- On site cleaning of huge monuments through portable blasting machines.

- Removal of heat treatment scale, corrosion, rusting, scale formation, welding flux, carbon and minuscule in steel components.

- Used for cleaning railway coaches prior to repainting.

- Used in Power industry, specially transformer manufacturing companies.