We manufacture Blasting Cabinets, which works on the principle of direct pressure blasting, induction-suction blasting and slurry pumping. The blasting is done via Guns, as the abrasives are introduced using compressed air. This whole process is carried out in closed chambers ensuring safety and dust free blasting. The cabinets are fabricated from heavy gauge mild steel, so it can withstand bombarding of abrasives. The abrasives are recollected and re-circulated in the chamber. Dust bags are also provided, to separate dust and debris from abrasives. For the shaking of Dust Bags, manual and motorized shaking is used.

Salient Features:

  • Easy vision: We provide large window glass (protected by a wire screen assembly). Also, high illumination is used for clear visibility while blasting.
  • Gasketted Doors are provided with locking systems and are easy in operation. Slider doors are also available.
  • The stand on which operator stands, is designed for relaxing working. Also, foot switch is provided for operator for easy control.
  • Generally, all cabinets are rubber lined.

  • The operator can use both his hands via sealed hand holes for holding a gun, thus ensuring maximum safety.
  • Simple in operation and ready to operate when connected to electrical and air supply. No erection required. Easy fitment of spares, whenever required.
  • The environment is dust free because of dust collection assembly. Noise level is maintained at below 80 DBA. Also, proper ventilation is provided for easy visibility.

Pressure Blaster Cabinet M/c:

It is based on direct pressure principle of blasting. The pressure blaster produces high abrasive velocity which results in completing the job at a faster rate. A pressure vessel, directly bolted below a hopper of a cabinet, has an automatic abrasive refilling arrangement. It is recommended for removing heavy and thick scales, de-burring and de-flashing is done by selecting medium and coarse grain.

Standard machines contain tubular fabric bag dust collector, to which manual shacking is done. On special request, motorized shaking bag arrangement for rigorous shacking can be customized. Similarly for easy On-Off controls, foot switch can be provided for the operator. Due to its, intensive blasting it is preferred over SB.

Suction Blaster Cabinet M/c:

It is based on the principle of Induction-Suction abrasive blasting. Best suitable for blast cleaning, de-burring, de-scaling, removing thin deposits on soft metal parts and de-flashing of plastic goods and molded components. It is also used to provide a matte finish. It is the simplest and most effective way for removing corrosion and old paint. The machine actuates by pressing the foot pedal, extracting air which mixes with the air and finally ejected via gun through nozzles. When the blasting is done, the fallen abrasive and impurities are recollected and thrown into cabinet hopper. From there, the abrasive and dust is made to pass out through reclaimer. Further dust bags are used to separate the media from dust and are re-thrown into the machine. When, the foot pedal is released the machine stops. The abrasives used in the machine are medium-fine grade size BS Mesh 25 or finer.

Wet Blaster Cabinet M/c:

Wet blaster works on induction-suction principle of blasting. The Slurry of fine abrasives (as fine as 5 microns) and water is cabinet hopper. The slurry is drawn through a flexible hose and propelled through the pump and bombarded through the blast gun. The most important point in wet blasting is its ability to use very fine abrasive, as fine as 5 microns. Fine abrasive particles are suspended in liquid, usually water and then pumped to a nozzle as slurry. At the nozzle, the slurry is introduced into the airstream and propelled against the job. The glandless slurry pump is used to feed the slurry at pressure into the blast gun. The blasted slurry is recollected into the hopper and passed through slurry pump for recycling. In the end a washing gun is provided for cleaning the job from slurry. The wet blasting machine is recommended for decreasing and surface finishing of delicate jobs. It is useful in tool room to remove feather burrs from multi tooth cutting tools such as milling cutters, broach.




Tumble Basket

Tumble basket is mounted on the side door in accordance with the cabinet size. It is used for batch blasting of small parts like nuts, bolts, screws, gears etc. The period is controlled by a timer. It’s detachable, so when not required, can be removed easily.

Inside Turn-Table

The turntable can be fitted inside the cabinet for easy, uniform and free rotation of job.

It’s available in the manual or motorized model, and also the speed can be fixed or varied with the help of timer.

Work Car With Trolley Mounted Turn-Table on Track Extension

It’s a detachable assembly and is used if the job is bulky and large in size. The track extension is provided inside of the cabinet to facilitate workcar movement.

Gun Reciprocation

Gun reciprocation can be provided to achieve automation and uniformity in blasting.