We manufacture tailor make Blast Room System that is capable of handling blasting operation for large and medium jobs as per user requirements. Its structure is either fabricated from steel or masonry construction is provided, depending upon the site. The blasting is carried out by Portable Blaster Machine in a sealed enclosure, where the operator is provided with safety wears such as operator suit, Air Blasting helmet and special air conditioning is provided through Air Conditioner for helmet and fresh (Dust Free) air is drawn from the compressor through Air Breather. The blast room is properly ventilated and illuminated for providing clear vision and dust free environment to the operator. We provide rubber lined blast walls by pasting Rubber Sheets, which are abrasion resistant for prolong life. After the blasting of the job, the media is recollected either Manually Recollection or Partial Re-Claimer System or Fully Automated Re-claimer System. The dust and fines from room is sucked and is carried into the fabric bag Dust Collector System and clean air is discharged into atmosphere, keeping the environment clean and friendly.

Blast Room Construction Variants:

Steel Fabricated Modular Blast Room:

The modular blast room is a fully sealed, dust tight, all steel structure.The components are prefabricated for simple bolt-together erection on site.The dust generated during abrasive blasting process is collected in the dust collecting system. Our technical experts design the blast room system with an adequate quantity of fresh air intake and an adequate ventilation. Illumination is designed for adequate visibility of job surface for operator working in a dusty atmosphere. The side walls are protected from abrasion by rubber sheets lining.

Masonry/Civil or Sheet Metal Construction of Blast Room:

A Blast Room can be built by civil/ masonry construction within the work premises considering construction economics. However, our technical experts have expertise in designing sheet metal construction. Here blast rooms have adequate intake of fresh air and ventilation ports for exhausting of used air. Illumination is designed for clear visibility of job surface for operator working in a dusty atmosphere. The side walls are protected from abrasion by rubber sheets lining. The floor is designed to suit abrasive recovery mechanism and operational viability.

Recollection of Abrasive by following Methods:

Manual Recollection: The abrasive is drawn into the pit, where it is recollected manually with the help of magnetic broom and redrawn into the machine.

Fully Automatic Re-Claimer System: The full floor reclaim system utilizes multiple screw assemblies to create a fully automatic abrasive reclaim system, where 100% of the blast media is returned to the separator system during the blasting operation. This system is best suited for high production requirements.

Partial Re-Claimer System: Used abrasive falls down into the screw conveyor unit from where it is conveyed by longitudinal screw conveyors to cross screw conveyor.

The cross screw conveyor conveys the abrasive media into the boot of bucket elevator. The bucket elevator lifts the media and pours into media separation unit from where the reusable abrasive goes into the Portable Abrasive Blaster and Abrasive is recycled through a blast nozzle.