Allied Engineering Solutions(AES): The leading manufacturers of pneumatically operated blasting machines. AES was founded in 2011 and is based in Jodhpur (Rajasthan, India). The company is manufacturing wide range of Portable Blasters, Blasting Cabinet Machines, Blast Room, Dust Collector Unit, Industrial Fans etc., which are at par fulfilling international quality standards. Apart from standardized models, it manufacture custom built machines as per consumer requirements.

The company policy strives for consumerism and are backed by a dedicated team of engineers which are persistently working in improving the quality. The products are thoroughly tested by quality department and rigorous development is achieved by qualified design team in bringing new concepts.

The company offer Genuine, Economical, and Unmatched Spares for all type of Sand/Shot Blasting Machines. Also, supply superior quality Safety Wears and leading suppliers and exporters of premium quality Abrasives.


Shot Blasting is a surface treatment process using high velocity abrasives. It is a method used to clean, strengthen (peen) or polish metal. Shot blasting is used in almost every industry. In pneumatically operated machines, the media is accelerated by compressed air and is projected by nozzles/guns on the component to be blasted. Blasting can be dry or wet. The blasting task determines the choice of the abrasive media.


The company believes in core values of integrity, client satisfaction, innovation and intellect which differentiate it from the competitors. AES machines are at par with international standards. Due to the design, the machines are economical, robust, more efficient and wore out spares are easily replaceable. The company have dedicated service engineers in field for erection and post sales.


ISO 9001:2008